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The Top 25 things Top-performing Companies have used marketing automation for the last 2 years*.

  • Always losing at phone tag with prospects?
  • Not focusing on the hottest leads?
  • Forgetting to follow up new network connections?
  • Not able to welcome every new customer?
  • Tried of sending appointment reminders?
  • Not asking for a referral from happy new customers?

*according to the research rm Gleanster. 

DISCOVER how automation can benefit the six areas of your small business: leads, sales, e-commerce, customer service, engagement, events and management.

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Lisa Macqueen

Cleancorp - CEO

"We had to get smart about how we marketed the business because we had grand plans to grow the next level. We found marketing automation was a tool to get us to that goal"

Sian Nisbett

Dizzy Ducks - Founder

"It was a year to start seeing the benefits that that it allowed me to grow my staff to 150 staff and opened up 5 locations!"

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